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Gundry MD Active Advantage Reviews

We’re constantly striving to make our wellness products the best and to serve you better. Read All Gundry MD Active Advantage reviews below. These Active Advantage reviews are from actual Gundry MD customers.

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Doug T, on 09-30-2021
Keystone Supplement

Active Advantage helps me to get the most out of my food and vitamins and I've started to feel better and have more energy after only a few weeks. I can also eat less food and feel full because my body is getting better nutrition.

Jacques Mouttet, on 09-30-2020
Feeling stronger every day.

My wife and I are committed to Gundry products. We've seen the changes in our health, our looks and our overall outlook. We strongly recommend Active Avantage as well as Dr. Gundry's top ten products. PS. Today is my 63rd birthday and I feel great!

Jane Hanson, on 09-30-2020
far higher than excellent!!!!!

Active Advantage has improved my daily health! I hope I'm able to order more soon.

Teri, on 09-03-2021

I have a very busy life being a Phydical Therapist, college professor, coach, mother and wife. My days are very long. Prior to taking a active Advantage I would find myself dragging by late afternoon, falling asleep if I sat still. With Active Advantage I feel great, ! I'm never tired, has tons of energy and find myself much more productive

Ann, on 09-03-2021
Right Nourishment

Active Advantage is one of my secrets, to maintaining a fully active work life. I love my job, and want to be working. People think this age is for retirement! Nutrition is a key: care for the body! Care for the spiritual and emotional and mental bodies, too!

Diane Peters, on 09-29-2020
Active Advantage is the real deal!

I am 76 yrs old.....I absolutely love Active is a real game changer......I felt the difference the first time I took it......It makes me feel like I did when I was in my 20's and 30's......I noticed my mood was lifted and I felt like I had more energy....It is a natural uplifting feeling [...] I just feel so much better and even younger when I take it......I can't do without Active has totally changed the way I feel ...I can do so much more during the day than I could before.........I LOVE IT

Sabine Lucas, on 09-29-2020
More strength and energy

At age 87 I was loosing strength practicing rather strenuous Five Tibetan Rites ( Fountain of Youth) in the morning. To lift myself off the ground using my arms and hands was becoming more and more difficult, until I starting taking Active Advantage. Then it became easy for me again as it did when I was younger.

Greg Odell, on 09-29-2020
Powerful Extra Energy!

I have been taking Active Advantage since it came out earlier this year. I feel an extra boost of energy when I play and train in soccer and at the gym. Won't go a day without it! Great stuff!!

Jane Howells, on 09-29-2020
Active advantage

I have taken this product for 3 months, and have found it very fruitful. I have been swimming a lot in the ocean [...] and active advantage has definitely helped in my endurance and recovery

Roger A Keller, on 09-29-2020
Active Advanntage

I turn 80 next week [...] I take one Active Advantage at breakfast. I need all the help I can get. I feel FANTASTIC.

Woody, on 09-29-2020

Before Active Advantage between two and three in the afternoon if I were to sit down I would be fast asleep in no time. Not anymore, that mid-day lull is totally gone.

Vicki Devos, on 09-29-2020
Increase energy

Noticed increased energy few weeks after srarting daily dosage Active Advantage. Plan to purchase again.

Glenna, on 09-29-2020
A LOT of energy!

Since I began taking Active Advantage my energy is on a high! I used to be tired all of the time. Not any more! I also have noticed I have less issues with brain fog! I don't ever want to run out of this product!

Joyce Jones, on 09-29-2020
Glad I took the chance

When Dr. Gundry announced the introduction of this product and how quickly it would sell, I anxiously awaited the date that I could place my order. I have been taking it ever since [...] the longer I went without it, the more I realized how it benefited my life. Thank you for the energy pill my husband and I have been looking for a very long time.

Donna Henderson, on 09-29-2020
Great product

I use Active Advantage and Longevity Max daily. They are part of my morning routine and I am pleased with the amount of energy I have to accomplish the things I want to in a day. It keeps me motivated when I feel good!

Shelley Moulis, on 09-29-2020
Dr G, thank you!

At age 67, I love the results of taking Active Advantage. I feel years younger with the vitality and energy I noticed after just a week of taking this product. It was definitely worth the try and now I am making sure I always keep it stocked in case it is back ordered that I’ve experienced in the past!

Nina R Vie, on 09-29-2020
Great for everyone!

Thank you dr. Gundry for providing all the health support products. I've been using most of them and I love them. Definitely helped me

Carl Linley, on 09-29-2020
Great product

I was using Active advantage and ran out, then I really noticed the difference. Lack of energy so re ordering was an easy decision.

Jarvis W, on 08-31-2021
Loving Active Advantage

How am I enjoying Active Advantage? It seems to be very helpful thus far. I look and feel slimmer and I really believe in this formula.

Debbie K, on 08-30-2021

Love it. I have more energy, no cravings for sweets or junk food. I have noticed some weight loss/inches. Not by exercising either. I'm a Nurse and it allows me to have stamina and energy to take me through my long day. Thank you Dr. Gundry for your life changing products

Chris H, on 08-30-2021
Active advantage and Vital Reds.

I have been taking vital red for years, I am 74 , and credit this supplement with my continuing good health. I have just add Active Advantage to my supplements, I have only been using this for one week.and I am impressed with so far. I feel even bright,and more energetic, I am interested in how much better I will feel after talking Active Advantage for a llonger period.

Jennifer Rose Crabb, on 08-02-2020

I am loving the results from taking ACTIVE ADVANTAGE. Wish I could get more. Waiting now for the next available supply to be shipped to Australia. Just "one" of the incredible products I enjoy from your range of opportunities. It's a part of my "longevity" now. Thank you.

Winifred G, on 07-09-2021

Great energy! Thank you Dr. Gundry.

Larry L., on 07-08-2021

I'm feeling better physically and mentally after taking Active Advantage for about two weeks now. More than any other supplement I've tried from Dr. Gundry or elsewhere, I have felt noticeable positive effects including more physical energy and better mental focus. On my 2 mile uphill (500'gain) walks I'm walking faster and feeling less effort doing it. And I feel more focused when working online. Active Advantage is great.

Roberta.witt, on 07-05-2020
Energy to Exercise AND Perform Daily Tasks

Active Advantage is what I have been looking for! It gives me enough energy to exercise AND still be able to do my daily tasks. Now that I have run out of this product I have had to chose exercise or my daily tasks but not both on the same day. I look forward to when Active Advantage is available again!

Betsi B, on 07-10-2021
Noticeably more energy and less mid-morning hunger

I loyally take Gundry supplements, credit them to my constantly great health at age 65, therefore almost did not order this new product. Now so glad I did! I experienced an almost immediate change in more energy and not being hungry. I take my Gundry at about 7 am, and work in an office. Usually by 10 am I'm wanting a snack to tide me over until my lunch. Much to my surprise, first day I was still zipping through tasks and went right through to noon! II rarely write a review on anything but this product is deserving. More energy, less cravings and big bonus‚ sleeping great.

Linnie Sohler, on 06-15-2020
This really works!

I have been taking Active Advantage for several months. I honestly feel a difference in my energy level, which I needed. I am 68 years old.

Brad M, on 09-03-2021
Advantages of "Active Advantage"

Have been taking Active Advantage daily, before breakfast, for about six weeks. Have noticed an obvious increase in energy and stamina, but mostly that my appetite has decreased. Clearly, the components of Active Advantage have filled a dietary void that had me eating far more in order to gain essential nutrients. Have lost weight without evening trying! Recommended to my wife, and she is now experiencing the same benefits. No doubt, we will continue using this product! Our sincere thanks to the Gundry team!

Aksks, on 08-30-2021

I have had digestive issues as long as I can remember. Since taking Active Advantage along with a few other Gundry supplements, Iƒ??m thankful that my digestive system is much improved.

Don N, on 07-09-2021
Taking advantage of an exceptional producer and his exceptional products.

It is terrific. I gave it a good test yesterday during my training hike with my coach. I am preparing to climb Mount Katahdin, Maine's highest peak, and yesterday my coach guided me on a 13 mile hike of 3 peaks and valleys in Downeast Maine. I knew I had been somewhere at the end, but I was still upbeat and positive and looking forward to our next training session. At 73 years old, I am confident that Active Advantage made the difference. I am taking advantage of a number of Dr. Gundry's products and most people that I meet who don't know me will guess that I am 60+/-. I am proud of my body, mind, and strength and how I continue to get better.

Scott D, on 07-08-2021
Never too late to break bad eating habits habits

Active Advantage is but one of Gundry MD products that I'm convinced has improved my diet, stamina and has helped defog my brain. I'm an active 75 playing tennis and pickleball on a regular basis. My diet change is reducing belly fat and weight while increasing my enthusiasm to work out and play.

Roberta Knox, on 03-01-2021
Active Advantage

I am so glad that you finally got Active Advantage back in stock!!! Since I take Bio Complete 3, PREBIOTHRIVE, Heart Defense, and Vital Reds, Bioskin Youth Complex, Lectin Shield, and Active Advantage itƒ??s hard to attribute my energy to any one product. At 74 I feel great and want to stay that way. Not as much joint pain. No brain fog. I take Active Advantage with the hope that it will be good for my brain health [ƒ??] Following the plant based diet helps as well. I have finally convinced my 85 year old husband [ƒ??] to watch and read your information about lectins and he is now watching his diet and sharing my Lectin Shield.

Debbie, on 09-29-2020
Love this product

OK. Just for some background. I started taking prebiothrive, and then added total restore and biocomplete3. The I added active advantage, With each one my health has seemed to improve. I have always had issue with being regular, to the point that the doctor had me on a daily dose of stool softeners and fiber(which neither made me regular). Since taking Gundry MD products, I have stopped taking stool softeners and fiber, and have become very regular. I know this is about active advantage, and I canƒ??t wait till they get some back in stock, cause I am almost out, but all of these products are great. I recently added Energy Renew and Untox. Just been taking for two days, but I love them already.

Patricia Witten, on 09-29-2020
Grateful for renewed energy!

Iƒ??m grateful to be educated by Dr. Gundryƒ??s research efforts in all areas of the product line. I listen reverently to the podcast, that is over and over again every week, to cross over information I might have missed or forgotten. I have completely changed my diet. I am changing my lifestyle. I am now adding in excercise to my new schedules. The Gundry MD products (all of them) have made a tangible, visible difference in my health and therefore my life. I am happy to say [ƒ??] I am at the point where I am trying to begin to stop snacking between meals and concentrate on my main meal. Every small step is another leaf in my tree. I am very grateful to be able to find the information on the Internet. I have never had such good guidance.

Charlene Schatz~Eld, on 09-29-2020
WOWZERZ!!! Thank youƒ?

The celery juice started the course correction when I was gifted w Dr Gundry and my next stepsƒ?? Started taking Total Restore and feel IMMEDIATE relief and I was getting off the couch more and moreƒ??. THEN when I added Active Advantage I could really feel my mitachondria changing and then VOILA! Iƒ??ll never forget the day ƒ?? on the bike, walking the beach AND swimming laps in hot springs ƒ?? Allll in one day?ÿ???Ÿƒ????§?ÿmy husband and I are eternally grateful?ÿ???ƒ????

Winniekgraham, on 08-07-2020
Energy Plus!

LOVE the combo of Longevity and Active Advantage! Iƒ??m 78 and so grateful to be still strong in mind and body. Thank you Dr. Gundry!

Tom Oneal, on 06-30-2020

Since starting active advantage, the results have been astounding. I have more energy and more energy and more clarity of thought ! Dr. Gundry has hit a homerun on this supplement!

Helen, on 02-28-2021
Supports my confidence in my body and my abilities

Im 69 and regularly hike with a group of men and women 15-20 years younger, and I'm always with those at the front of the pack. I have been taking Active Advantage for 18 months now and absolutely love it, I can still remember the lift it gave me the first time I took it [...] I have taken it everyday. I am still working full time in a deadline driven consultancy and also find that I am able to maintain my mental focus and stamina at the desk when I am often required to work long hours. I also take Vital Reds with Natural Yoghurt and Oat Bran each morning and along with 500ml glass of filtered water find the Combo of the two products a great way to start my day.

Janet Isele, on 11-09-2020

I have felt better and had more energy since taking Active Advantage. Your products are to be counted on.

Neil Stevenson, on 10-10-2020

Gotta say I'm in NZ so took a while to arrive and get started. Already promote the gains I feel from on-going Vital Reds daily, I keep mighty busy and hope that Active Advantage will help me last right thru' the working day and on top of my game with minimal ''brain fog'' issues of forgetfulness and poor self-management as the day wears on.

Vicki, on 10-01-2020
Big difference

I was very happy to get another round of Active Advantage for my husband and myself! We are both in our seventies and are very active. Active Advantage gives that extra boost to get our day going and maintain energy all day. Hoping it stays in stock more!

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Active Advantage FAQ

What Is Active Advantage Supposed To Do?

Active Advantage is a daily supplement that was designed to support energy levels, physical stamina, and mental focus. The formula does this by supporting your mitochondria and ATP production, which are both crucial for cellular energy.†*

According to Gundry MD, Active Advantage works using a “3-step body renewal” process:

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


What Are The Key Ingredients In Active Advantage?

The Active Advantage formula contains a blend of antioxidants and nutrients that your body can use to support its own production of mitochondria and ATP.

Main Active Ingredients

Other Ingredients

How Do You Take Active Advantage?

To take Active Advantage, swallow one capsule every day with 8 fl.oz. of water or another beverage of your choice. For best results, take this supplement with a meal at the same time every day. Breakfast is a great choice.

Active Advantage Reviews: What Do Consumers Say?

Active Advantage is a popular supplement that has received hundreds of five star reviews online. Consumers speak of being “really impressed,” experiencing a “burst of energy and positivity,” getting “plenty of energy,” and feeling “more clear headed” with this supplement.†*2

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Where Can You Buy Active Advantage?

You can buy Active Advantage and other quality supplements designed by Steven Gundry MD on Purchasing directly from the manufacturer’s website allows you to take advantage of special promotions and Gundry MD’s generous return policy.

What Is The Refund Policy If Active Advantage Doesn’t Work For Me?

If you are not happy with this supplement, you have 90 days to return it for a full refund of your purchase price (minus shipping and handling). If you’re curious, Gundry MD encourages you to try it and see how you feel. If you aren’t pleased, you can take advantage of their 90-day refund policy.